Canadian Honey Council

The CHC is a non-profit organization that was set up in 1940 to serve as the national council for the beekeeping industry. They represent more than 8,500 beekeepers across Canada and have created a forum where producers, packers, professionals, and government organizations can discuss the best interests of Canadian honey bees. Partners like the CHC are crucial to ensuring the agricultural industry is working synergistically, ensuring the preservation of bees and the sustainability of future generations.

The funding we provide the CHC goes directly to support their various existing ‘Save the Bee’ initiatives, and helps develop new ones that offer promising solutions. Some of their notable initiatives include:

1) Education and public awareness of pollinators
2) Communication of better methods of beekeeping
3) Support for improved bee breeding
4) Promotion of good production practices
5) Advancement and training of apiculturists