HoneyWater Health Benefits

HoneyWater® for thousands of years has been at the centre of hydration and health for generations throughout the world. That’s because when creating great tasting and healthy beverages, the process should be natural and fun, just the way nature originally intended it to be

HoneyWater® is an incredibly traditional summertime sweet treat, that is paired with incredible health benefits in every bottle. Our 100% naturally sweetened beverages are made with real, farm fresh, natural ingredients and no artificial flavors, colouring or preservatives.

“Loaded with super antioxidants and vitamins, our traditional, smooth tasting HoneyWater® will restore your health and “have you buzzing for more”

Here at HoneyWater®, our naturally sweetened beverages have been designed to offer our consumers with more holistic and healthy beverage benefits than any other beverage in the world. Through our scientific advancements in nutrient processing and sugar delivery, our low-glycemic, 100% natural HoneyWater®, not only is more healthier than our competitors, our product is designed to digest more efficiently in our bodies, which allows for delayed and enriched nutrient releases, while providing the body with a natural sugar energy source.

“HoneyWater® beverages are made from 100% natural and farm sourced ingredients, just nature’s finest”

“Beverages With Benefits”

“Canada’s #1 Naturally Sweetened Beverage