Initiatives & OutReach

HoneyWater® research, education, and outreach programs are committed to fostering environments where all people and nature can prosper.

Quench your thirst for a healthier lifestyle with HoneyWater®️, the beverage that’s committed to making a positive impact on the world. At HoneyWater®️, we’re passionate about providing our consumers with the healthiest and most delicious beverages, while also creating a sustainable environment for future generations. Our initiatives and outreach programs are focused on promoting healthy beverage consumption and protecting vital pollinators, such as bees. So why settle for an ordinary drink when you can sip on the sweet taste of HoneyWater®️ and feel good about the choices you’re making for yourself and the planet? Join the Hive, share the buzz and make a difference today with HoneyWater®️!

At HoneyWater®️, we’re all about making a positive impact on the world around us. That’s why our program initiatives and outreach programs are focused on helping others and making a difference in our communities. By promoting healthy beverage consumption and conservation sustainability, we’re empowering individuals and specialized groups to create healthy living conditions, protect vital ecosystems, and drive the latest advancements in health and sustainable research. We believe that by working together, we can build a brighter future for generations to come. So come and bee part of the solution today – “Drink HoneyWater®️ , Save The Bees”

Athlete Outreach

At HoneyWater®, we are partnered up and proud to have the pleasure in supporting over 10 top professional athletes and over 1000 young athletes in and across North America. HoneyWater® supports and promotes “Born To Compete”” access programs, aimed at providing children and families with equal opportunity and access to sports and physical activities within their communities.

“Born To Compete” HoneyWater® believes that our athlete and sporting programs help children build critical life skills while becoming involved in active community, sporting programs”

Influencer Outreach

HoneyWater® has partnered up with the world’s leading social influencers to drive social awareness, develop campaigns, and to create meaningful community projects aimed at giving back to our communities and consumer programs. Some of our Hive influencers include, Jas Prince, Kiesza and Austin Mahone.

“When inspiration or ideas strike us, it’s not conjured up from our ideas alone. HoneyWater® looks to our Hive social leaders and experts to learn and work towards creating meaningful and impactful community programs aimed at environmental sustainability and consumer health”

Education And Community Outreach

At HoneyWater®️, we recognize that the future of our planet depends on the health and wellbeing of our pollinators, particularly bees. Bees play a crucial role in pollinating the plants that provide us with the food we need to survive, and without them, our ecosystem would be thrown into disarray. That’s why…

Our partnering Honey Bee Research Centre has a long rich history of beekeeping tradition, starting in 1894 when the first beekeeping courses were taught at the Ontario Agricultural College

Programs And Projects

HoneyWater® has searched nationwide and partnered up with the most impactful beekeepers and honey farms in North America, including one of the largest and oldest Canadian farms, Munro Honey. Working closely with the experts in the field, our core focus is to invest in solutions aimed at the preservation of bee colonies.