Toronto Bee Rescue

To bring the fight into bigger cities, we are funding local organizations such as Toronto Bee Rescue, which specialize in the humane rescue and relocation of endangered bee hives. Toronto Bee Rescue is a family business operated by Peter Chorabik and Sarah Allinson-Chorabik. 

Following in the steps of 3 previous generations of hobby beekeepers in Peter’s family, Peter and Sarah have fallen in love with the bees and turned a 2 hive hobby in 2012 into a family business operating over 500 hives. Toronto Bee Rescue specializes in the humane removal and relocation of established honeybee colonies, the collection of swarms and honey bee apiary management.

Using a terroir approach to their honey extraction, they provide local honey based on season and location. Their honey is sold through their sister company Ontario Honey Creations and at select farmer markets throughout Toronto and the GTA.