HoneyWater launches into Western Canada Whole Foods

After a successful summer in Ontario, HoneyWater is pleased to announce that it has launched into Whole Foods in British Columbia (BC), as a part of its plan to expand throughout Western Canada. With the 5 new locations, HoneyWater is now available at all 11 Canadian Whole Foods, the North American leader in health-focused food and grocery products.

The BC locations include Cambie, Kitsilano, North Burnaby, Robson, and West Vancouver. There are many promotions and demos planned over the next few months, aimed at engaging consumers, educating them about the benefits of natural sugars, the highlighting importance of our friendly pollinators. In addition, HoneyWater will be introducing the ‘Buy a bottle, save a bee’ initiative to Western Canada, focused on building partnerships with beekeepers, non-profits, and community organizations across North America.

Be sure to follow HoneyWater on social media to stay up-to-date with the latest buzz, and to keep up with all our new promotions and campaigns. We will be announcing collaborations with many of our socially responsible influencers, which include multi Juno award winner, Kiesza, and some of the top athletes in Western Canada.

Its been a productive summer for HoneyWater back in Ontario, especially considering all the great weather we’ve enjoyed. The HoneyWater street team as been at a host of fun events, including marathons, tastings, and local events. The reception is overwhelmingly positive, with HoneyWater already a top selling beverage in Whole Foods throughout the Ontario locations.

We have no doubt that HoneyWater will be similarly received in BC, and throughout Western Canada. Get down to your local Whole Foods, grab a refreshing bottle of HoneyWater, join the buzz, and help save the bees!